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  • Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?
    Talk about agile! It's October 2015 and there's already more changes to Yammer since the User Interface changes back in July 2015. Unfortunately, it would appear the Publisher Settings checkbox has
  • How to Change a User’s Domain Name and Update Office 365
      On occasion you may be required to change or update a users  AD account name.  The user got married, the user opted for a name change or the most common, a user’s name was configure
  • Azure AD Connect install over AADSync
    Just upgraded my install of AADSync to Azure AD Connect, no issues to speak of. Just some screen shots of the install in case anyone is curious.   List of features
  • Setting OneNote Desktop as Default Version in Windows 10
    My itgroove colleague Colin Phillips, author of the SharePoint MMMan blog, was experiencing an odd behaviour with OneNote 2013 (desktop) after upgrading the operating system on his Surface Pro to W
  • How to Stop OneNote from Inserting File Printouts on Multiple Pages
    The other day a client popped by with a question about inserting a file printout in OneNote 2013. He wanted to understand why he was getting different results when he performed the exact same steps
  • Office 2016–The New Office
    Microsoft will be rolling out Office 2016 today and with it they will also be rolling out a change of focus.  Yes, Office 2016 will build on past releases of Office just as new builds of Office h
  • A (Non) Profitable Journey - Part 4
    Things continue apace at Swan Lake.  I've been fooling around with various things and I'm slowly rolling in the changes that I and they want to see in place.  It's a slow process as I have to grab t
  • The Cloud and Trust
    We were having a discussion in the office yesterday that was triggered by a discovery we made about our Office365 backup solution (we use SkyKick).  In a nutshell we discovered that the backup vendor
  • Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant Outlook 2016 / Win10
    I was having issues creating a Office 365 Outlook profile on my newly created Windows 10 PC with the preview build of Office 2016. It would hang on the Autodiscover portion indefinitely. Since Outlook
  • Turn Off Outlook “Clutter” feature with PowerShell
    What is Clutter? - Here’s how to disable the Clutter feature in Outlook using PowerShell for All mailboxes or individual. P
  • Dell PE T320 and VM CPU Issues
      Scenario: Dell PE T320 OS: Windows 2012 running Hyper-V configured with 1 VM VM: Windows SBS Server 2011   Issue: For no apparent reason the SBS 2011 VM randomly spikes CPU to 100% and rem
  • Emailing internal Office 365 Groups from external sources
    This is how to turn on the ability to email an internal Office 365 group from external sources. Log into your Office 365 portal and go to ADMIN –> Exchange Then go to groups under recipients
  • Exchange almost gone KABOOM?
    There is an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Marvin the Martian is working with his illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator and it doesn’t work.  “Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an eart
  • A (Non) Profitable Journey–Part 3
    I migrated Swan Lake out of their Small Business 2011 environment into a new Server 2012 R2 environment built on top of Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.  Swan Lake had purchased the server licenses and CA
  • A (Non) Profitable Journey–Part 2 C
    In my last couple of posts I described the fun I was having with trying to set up a coupe of open source firewalls to work in a fashion similar to what I normally do for my “paying” customers.
  • OneNote, Office and I'm loving 'agile'
    You know what, I think I love this agile stuff. It's like Christmas every few days. I'd much rather get incremental improvements, that keep pace with the industry and get to know them one at a time
  • Office 365 and Backup
    You may or may not have noticed but there are a raft of Office 365 backup services popping up right, left and centre.  This might seem odd but actually it is just the market reacting to a void in
  • AADSync and 1202 Event Log Warnings
    Just a quick blog update on a AADSync article I found. I had issues with the local account on my AADSync server starting as a service. Adding the account to the “log on as a service” Policy settin
  • A (non) Profitable Journey–Part 2 B
    Well, it would seem that the golden rule of “if you rush, it will break” has already kicked in … First, a correction:  I stated in my last post that the free edition of Veeam allows for in
  • Office 365 can’t deliver email to Exchange 2003 Servers
    What The issue was that the clients Exchange 2003 Server (32bit, on Windows Server 2003) was no longer receiving emails from Office 365 (Exchange Online) accounts.  It would take days to be aware of
  • A (non) Profitable Journey–Part 2
    As promised, this is the second post in a series of posts about work I’m doing at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary in Victoria.  As you may recall from my first post, I said that I
  • Our Support Platform is Complete - Power Admin for the Win!
    What Over the years, we have used dozens of management products. They've all tried to shoehorn us into delivering IT "their way". You know, Managed Services, MSP, blah blah blah. Well, Victoria has de
  • InfoPath 2013 Decimal Double Field to SharePoint Online Currency Column
    I ran into an issue where an InfoPath 2013 form had some Decimal (double) fields, and they were nicely displayed as currency in the View controls.  However when these fields were promoted as properti
  • SharePoint Centered Layout in Wiki Pages
    In a recent project, we were working with a customer who was using a fixed width centered design in their corporate intranet (using the Publishing feature's "/Pages" library and the Site Master Page),
  • 3 Ways to Improve SharePoint Quick Launch Style
    In our last couple of SharePoint branding projects here at itgroove, we've added a little bit of sparkle to SharePoint's left navigation, or "Quick Launch". Here's how we added some style with a bit o
  • Why You Should Use the Yammer Desktop Notifier
    "Why should I care about the Yammer Desktop Notifier App?" Businesses and organizations looking to adopt Yammer as communication and knowledge sharing tool should make installing the Yammer Deskt
  • How to See All Appointments in Calendar in Outlook 2013
    The other day I was working in my Outlook 2013 calendar and noticed an icon I had never noticed before. Time to investigate! The upward facing arrow was not always visible in the top right corner
  • Windows 10 for Business Adopters
    In the wise words of my colleague, Robert Dick… We've been chatting internally at itgroove about Windows 10 (and playing with it, of course!) and we are taking a stance regarding corporate ad
  • Windows 10 is coming!
      Windows 10 is coming and will be a free upgrade for those users/systems that qualify.  Thank you MicroSoft. But…If you operate a bus
  • How to Alert Everyone in Yammer without Using @Mentions or the Notify Field
    "Is there an easier way to alert everyone in Yammer rather than typing everyone's name under notify additional people?" A new user to Yammer asked me this question, and it's a great one! It was born
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