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  • Office 365–Yammer and Outlook Groups
    I realized as I was writing my posts about Outlook Groups that some people might wonder if there would be a reason to use a Group in place of Yammer or vice versa.  So I thought a quick discussion ab
  • Volunteer! It’s good for your soul!
    We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill   I volunteer with a couple of organizations, one of which I write about regularly on this blog, S
  • Stupid Licensing Practices
    This is a rant so be forewarned … We discovered an “interesting” kink in Backup Exec licensing this week.  I will admit that we had not been paying attention to the changes announced first b
  • Thanks for making me look good, Matt!
    I am the first to admit I don’t have an “eye”.  I take a lousy photograph (poor composition), I’m probably colour blind (or at least colour agnostic), I can’t work a graphics editor to save
  • Office 365 – “Outlook” Groups, Part 2
    In the first part of this series I looked at the basics of creating an Outlook Group in the Office 365 Mail client and I also highlighted the components of the created Group.  In this post I’m goin
  • Office 365 – “Outlook” Groups, Part 1
    One of my favourite features in O365 is Groups.  I think it is one of the most useful features that Microsoft has rolled into O365 over the past 12 – 14 months and one that all organization sizes c
  • Uncle Rob’s O365 Licensing Primer
    O365 licensing seems to confuse a lot of people so I’m going to attempt to demystify it somewhat for all concerned.  Hopefully, my explanations will help dispel confusion! The first thing to u
  • Delete and Recreate a SharePoint Online Root Site Collection
    In Office 365 SharePoint Online we haven't had a need to delete and recreate any root site collections yet.  Mainly because we have been working with clients from the moment they begin their journey
  • What happened to Customer Care? Veritas? Symantec?
      Customer Care where did it go?  Bueller…. Bueller? A short while ago I had the unfortunate experience of having to call Symantec, or is it Veritas support.  Either way I was asked wha
  • Video in the enterprise goes 'beyond the portal'
    Mark Kashman from the Microsoft SharePoint Team asked for folks to spread/share the Office 365 Video love. And being that I'm a firm believer in "a picture is worth a 1000 words" and the fact Mark is
  • How to NOT lose your mind with SQL logins
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was an Oracle DBA.  And then I did a lot of work with SQL Server as I worked with a group that did a lot of Great Plains installs.  Then, sadly, I
  • Microsoft Word (Protected View) has stopped working
    I've had a conversation with a number of people about a weird Office issue. Basically when you open any documented downloaded from an email message, the internet, SharePoint etc. and Office first trie
  • A (Non) Profitable Journey – Part 5
    One BIG feature of Server 2012 R2 Essentials (either the full on Essentials install or the Essentials role) is the built-in ability to integrate your local Windows user accounts with your Office 365 a
  • Office 2016 and the mystery of the missing Document Information Panel
    Doing a quick scour of the Interwebs, it seems nobody has really posed this question or answered it. A little surprising too… So let's do this… What The Document Information Panel (DIP) is mis
  • MVPs Heading Out Summit 2015
    The four itgroove Microsoft MVPs are once again hitting the road to sharpen their skills at the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2015 at Microsoft Campus in Bellevue, Washington. Sean Wallbridge, Colin
  • Backup Exec - Unable to catalog a USB drive
      Monday, October 26, 2015 12:49 PM Scenario: Your backup jobs are configured to backup data to an external NAS device (B2D) You then copy your backup data to USB for offsite storage. There comes
  • BackupExec and Copied Media
    We’ve had a reminder this week of some oddities in BackupExec. Our standard backup configuration for customers that use BackupExec is to have BackupExec send its output to a NAS device (generally a
  • Defense In Depth
    I was watching an automotive program earlier today – Autoweek out of Detroit – and there was a panel discussion about how to protect automobiles from hacking attacks.  And during the discussion t
  • Yammer - Network Admin Settings That Require Verified Admin
    My colleague Sean recently suggested we delete the "Nerd Parking Lot" Yammer Group in our Company itgroove Yammer Network. It wasn't being used and as we tended to post technical discussion points i
  • Apply Styles to Text in OneNote Using Keyboard Shortcut
    Applying styles to text in OneNote is now even easier using keyboard shortcuts. Instead of using your mouse to click three buttons, you can now perform one keyboard shortcut to get the same result.
  • Office365, Office 2016 and Windows 10 – notes from the field
    You will undoubtedly be aware that Windows10 and Office 2016 are live and ready for you unless, of course,  you have been hiding away somewhere with zero access to the outside world.  We (it
  • Resolving Content Databases are Full Error
    The Problem Error messages in SharePoint can be scary, but sometimes they're actually quite useful. Take this one below for example. At first glance, it would appear something is wrong with your dat
  • Goodbye Publisher Settings Feature in Yammer
    In a past blog post ("Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?") I pondered the fate of the Publisher Settings Feature. It had recently disappeared from the Yammer Interface  and I w
  • Where Did the Publisher Settings Checkbox go in Yammer?
    Talk about agile! It's October 2015 and there's already more changes to Yammer since the User Interface changes back in July 2015. Unfortunately, it would appear the Publisher Settings checkbox has
  • How to Change a User’s Domain Name and Update Office 365
      On occasion you may be required to change or update a users  AD account name.  The user got married, the user opted for a name change or the most common, a user’s name was configure
  • Azure AD Connect install over AADSync
    Just upgraded my install of AADSync to Azure AD Connect, no issues to speak of. Just some screen shots of the install in case anyone is curious.   List of features
  • Setting OneNote Desktop as Default Version in Windows 10
    My itgroove colleague Colin Phillips, author of the SharePoint MMMan blog, was experiencing an odd behaviour with OneNote 2013 (desktop) after upgrading the operating system on his Surface Pro to W
  • How to Stop OneNote from Inserting File Printouts on Multiple Pages
    The other day a client popped by with a question about inserting a file printout in OneNote 2013. He wanted to understand why he was getting different results when he performed the exact same steps
  • Office 2016–The New Office
    Microsoft will be rolling out Office 2016 today and with it they will also be rolling out a change of focus.  Yes, Office 2016 will build on past releases of Office just as new builds of Office h
  • A (Non) Profitable Journey - Part 4
    Things continue apace at Swan Lake.  I've been fooling around with various things and I'm slowly rolling in the changes that I and they want to see in place.  It's a slow process as I have to grab t
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